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    The Florida Keys actually don't run North to South! Instead, they meander southwest along a single roadway called US1 also known as The Overseas Highway. This scenic road is a fantastic drive for families with children!
    The gulf side of the Florida Keys is actually the Florida Bay and is connected to Gulf of Mexico. This is sometimes called the “back country“ and features great family vacation locations for quiet water kayaking and fishing. The Atlantic side is really the Straits of Florida with Cuba being the next land mass before entering the Atlantic Ocean. Fabulous beaches and shallow water snorkeling for children. Just past the Florida Keys Reef is the Gulf Stream. This is an area of spectacular family fishing as well as scuba diving.
   The Florida Keys run form Biscayne Bay all the way to the Dry Tortugas which is about 180 miles. From Key Largo to Key West, US 1 is actually 106 miles with Mile Marker Zero, the end of the road, being located in Key West.
   This famous Florida Keys two lane road was originally built by Henry Flagler in the 1930’s and replaced his Florida East Coast Extension railroad lines which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. It is also the location of the famed seven mile bridge which spans Marathon Key to Big Pine Key.
    All drinking water flows into the Florida Keys within a single 36-inch diameter pipe and is safe for families with even young children to drink. And all electricity travels down an overhead power line from Homestead, Florida located on the mainland.<br><br>
“Keys” comes from the Spanish word cayos, meaning little islands. The word "key is also associated with tiny islands elsewhere in Florida such as Cedar Key Florida, Siesta Key Florida Key Biscayne Florida and others. The Florida Keys are indeed little as well as fragile. Some people incorrectly refer to this Caribbean island chain as Florida Key, but really it's made up of 1,700 small, individual islands. Many endangered species are located within the Florida Keys as well as an abundance of migratory birds.<br><br>The Florida Keys diving is amazing from Key Largo To Key West as is the sports fishing, and both are main stay attractions for both tourists and vacation travelers alike.
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   Key Largo is a great place for a family vacation and is the closest of the Keys to the mainland. Key Largo is home to an abundance of hotels that cater to the family friendly sector of tourism. Here you will find laid back motels that reflect the "Old Florida Keys" way of life and eagerly welcome families with children as guests. Many accommodations are conveniently located near the multitude of family attractions that provide fun filled things to do. Here, family visitors will find beaches, parks, shell shops, movies, snorkeling, kayaking, museums, nature trails and even a water park! For the more timid, there is a wonderful glass bottom tour and Aquarium available nearby at the John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park. The water is crystal clear. If you've never been snorkeling before, buy a disposable under water camera. Make sure it isn't a windy day and go in the morning when water seems to be the calmest. Just about six miles from the dock is Turtle reef marked by a lighthouse iron structure. Breathtaking is the word. Numerous fish everywhere from six foot long Tarpon, morey eels, angelfish, and parrotfish painted every color in the rainbow. The corals were huge structures filled with life of all shapes and colors. The mooring bouys provided were right next to the action so the swim was very easy. Christ statue is located nearby. The best part of Pennekamp is it's accessibility and affordability. There are even facilities for campers! Also only it’s only 90 minutes from Everglades safari.

   Key Largo features an undersea hotel that is also very unique! Nearby is the Florida Keys Wild Bird center. Admission is donation only! The Center is located in a natural setting alongside the Bay, where you can see the real Florida Keys. When you visit, bring your camera! You'll find plenty of healthy, wild, and beautiful birds around -- along the boardwalk, up in the trees, and down along the Bay. But the Center isn't just for the birds!! Solution holes, cap rock, & pneumatophores are all around. Minnows, crabs, and sunsets appear regularly along the bay. Bromeliads are abundant along the nature trail.

   There are many large, upper keys resorts and spas located in the Key Largo area that are great for large families. These properties cater to those who seek to have everything right at their fingertips. Many of the larger hotels are set up with pools, restaurants, game rooms and gyms. <br><br>The larger hotels also feature family friendly dining facilities. The Florida Keys chefs are experts at creating tropical dining experiences reflecting the many varieties of fresh caught local seafood and can even prepare children size meals.
    Often, just a short walk or drive from your Key Largo hotel are the many local restaurants that offer family style restaurants and dining plus feature local seafood restaurants and all you can eat smorgasbords!<br><br>Although there are many more chains and deluxe resorts than there used to be and less discount hotels, small guest cottages and eccentric family lodgings can still be found. Many families stay for weeks and bring their own food, coffee pots, cooking up the fish they catch and eating on eclectic plates found in the cupboards. There's always a little boat that the kids can use, and the swimming pool is most often the Florida bay itself!
    Be sure to watch the travel video about the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce and the many other info videos for more tourist and vacation guide information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even free driving maps as well.

Islamorada is often referred to as "The Fishing Capitol of the World." What better place then to go fishing with the entire family? It's no surprise that most Islamorada hotels here cater to families with a passion for fishing.<br><br>Islamorada has a wealth of family friendly accommodations to choose from. There are many Islamorada hotels positioned toward famly vacationers who enjoy their days renting charter boats for fishing expeditions. One resort in particular is a favorite of a recent United States president who's hobby is fly fishing for bonefish such as tarpon, wahoo, barracuda and many other types of game fish. Islamorada is also home to the annual Redbone Fishing Tournament.
    In addition to accommodation rentals, Islamorada hosts one of the largest family friendly fishing charter boat fleets in the world. And don't forget the numerous kayak, eco tours and jet ski rentals. Great for kids!
    What could be better than to spend your days fishing with your family in Islamorada and then have the chef cook up your family’s catch that evening? Islamorada boasts many dining restaurants, some located right on the hotel's property. There are dozens of Islamorada restaurants that offer spectacular sunset views and are just steps away from an Islamorada world class resort.
    Islamorada has many vacation villa rentals that are also very popular with large families or families traveling together. Several are located on their own private Florida Keys island and provide unsurpassed privacy.
    In spite of Islamorada's reputation for being a playground for the upscale Florida tourist there are still several hotels that cater to young couples and families. Many Islamorada hotels feature activities like parasailing, boat rentals, family snorkel trips, in addition to family charter boat fishing. There is a nearby marina where families and children can hand feed tarpon right from the dock! Nearby there is an exceptional marine park that is both educational and entertaining, where performances are up close and personal. Here you can swim with dolphins, sea lions, and stingrays in their natural salt water lagoons through our interactive programs. The lagoons, and lush, tropical gardens at are home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, sea turtles, tropical and game fish, sharks, stingrays, alligators, marine invertebrates, colorful parrots, and birds-of-prey.
    In Islamorada, you're either on the water, in the water or near the water.
    Be sure to watch the travel video about the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce and the many other videos for more tourist and vacation information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even driving maps as well.

   Marathon is commonly referred to as the "Heart of the Florida Keys." There are many affordable family friendly Marathon hotels, motels and resorts and spas to choose from. Additionally, because Marathon caters primarily to family vacations, there are many Marathon private homes that can also be rented, completely furnished and ready to enjoy.
    Conveniently centered within Marathon is the Marathon International airport. This makes air travel to Marathon a breeze. While Marathon car rentals are available, often times there's no need because there are many cabs available in Marathon to take you and your family directly to your hotel.
    Located near these Marathon accommodations are fantastic family attractions. You can swim with the dolphins, go snorkeling and fishing, scuba dive and even take an aerial sightseeing trip in a biplane or helicopter.
Seeing the dolphins play in the Center's 90,000 square feet of lagoons is an inexpensive afternoon's entertainment. If you have a little more money to spend, you might want to take part in the interactive programs. Depending on your budget (and factors such as age and swimming ability), the Center offers opportunities to swim with, play with, shake the fins of and otherwise get to know these peaceful creatures. Programs popular with families include Shallow Water Encounters, during which children can stand on a platform that is submerged in the water for about 25 minutes of dolphin play. The Deep Water Encounter allows you to jump into the lagoon and swim with the animals. Go for a ride on the popular dorsal tow!
    Get a panoramic view of the ocean and the gulf. Drive across the Seven Mile Bridge. The history of this man-made structure dates from the early 1900s, when famous Florida developer Henry Flagler built the Overseas Railroad – an attempt to lure tourists to the Lower Keys. The railroad was eventually converted into a highway, which stood for decades before a new span was built in the 1980s. Today, the bridge runs just a hair under seven miles, rising to a 65-foot arc, and connects Marathon with Little Duck Key. Enjoy spectacular water views and sights of some of the lesser islets in this 1,700-island chain. A sunset drive can be spectacular.Remains of the Old Seven Mile Bridge run parallel to the new. More than two miles of the older bridge structure remains open to foot traffic, and the span is a popular spot for family biking and fishing. You and your family can also stroll down the old bridge to access.
    Pigeon Key is worth a family visit. The whole family will enjoy exploring this tiny island, which houses a series of cottages that once sheltered workers laboring on Flagler's railroad. Visit the old railroad museum while there, where exhibits of the bridges and cottages' history spotlight the lives of the workers, who labored up to 14 hours a day, six days out of seven. Or, grab your snorkel gear and check out the island's tidal shoreline. For families serious about marine science, the Pigeon Key Foundation & Marine Science Center runs day and residential summer camps for kids. If you're not up for hiking the Old Seven Mile Bridge, you can get to the island via the Pigeon Key Ferry running from Marathon.
    Families can visit Crane Point Museum, Nature Center and Historic Site. Located on a natural 64-acre thatch-palm hammock, this facility presents a great view of the area's cultural and natural history. Discover the home of George Adderly, an immigrant from the Bahamas who settled here in the early 1900s. You and your kids can also tour the Museum of Natural History. Learn about Florida Keys wildlife and the region's indigenous peoples. Children will especially enjoy exploring a pirate ship built just for them and greeting sea creatures in the Children's Activity Center's touch tanks.
    For a great day at a family beach that's perfect for soaking up the sun and the crystalline waters go to Sombrero Beach. Gentle Atlantic surf and plenty of shallow water make this a great family park, as do the on-site playground and volleyball court. Finish your day with a meal at the Keys Fisheries Market and Marina, known for its fresh-fried entrees and a distinctive lobster Reuben sandwich. The place itself is beyond casual: order and pick up your meals window-side. Chow down at one of the waterfront picnic tables. Adults can enjoy a cold beverage with their meals, and children will love feeding the tarpon right from the docks. Get there around sunset for the full Marathon experience.
   Marathon has many Florida Keys events throughout the year to choose from. One of the more popular celebrations is the Seafood Festival. Enjoy unlimited seafood by day and retreat in the evening to your Marathon resort, motel, villa or cottage or campground by the sea.
    Marathon has a little bit of the best of each of the Florida Keys and Key West. Shopping, Arts, Boating, Fishing, Dining, Diving, and Living. With a wide variety of hotel, motel accommodations to choose from in Marathon it's easy to see why it's such a popular family travel destination that feels like the Caribbean.
    Be sure to watch the travel video about the Marathon Chamber of Commerce and the many other videos for more tourist and vacation information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even free driving maps as well.


Home to the endangered Key Deer as well as several other species, Big Pine is a favorite family vacation and tourist destination for eco-travel visitors.
    While there are no large hotels to choose from in the Big Pine and Lower Keys area, there are many Florida Keys family cottages, private homes and campgrounds. Some Big Pine campgrounds are located directly on the beach and offer spectacular sunsets as well as sunrises.
    There are vacation camps in Big Pine for children and adults that include Florida Keys reef trips and back country kayaking eco-tours as well as some of the best reef snorkeling in the Florida Keys on Looe Key, which is home to the annual Underwater Music Festival. There's even a miniature gold course and a Key West sky diving center! Private fishing charters for back country flats fishing is also very popular in Big Pine and the Lower Keys.
    This area is a great for family nature lovers and bird watchers as well as family boaters and families who love to fish. A wide variety of fish are found in the shallows and the deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream. Family friendly Nature trails wind through the pinewoods and exotic tropical foliage. Deserted beaches and shell-collector shallows are found on the Gulf side. Family Dive boats, charter fishing boats that cater to families, sailboats and canoes will take you and your kids on the adventure of your choice.
    Big Pine also hosts the famous Florida, Bahia Honda State Park. Voted as one of the top ten beaches in the continental The United States, it includes fabulous Florida Keys seaside family campgrounds for both tents and RV's that are just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean's water's edge.
    Be sure to watch the travel video about the Big Pine Chamber of Commerce and the many other videos for more tourist and vacation information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even driving maps as well.

Perhaps the most family visited island of all in the Florida Keys, Key West hosts a diverse selection of family friendly accommodations to choose from. Key West is located only 90 miles from Cuba, and features year round tropical weather. There are family oriented Florida Keys resorts and spas, hotels from small to large inns, as well as guest houses, bed and breakfasts plus private homes and Key West guest cottages.
    The Key West family resorts and spas feature amenities for children that are second to none. Many Key West properties have been newly renovated and offer extensive kid friendly features like swimming pools game rooms and beautiful Key West beaches that create a tropical experience that rivals the Caribbean. These Key West hotels also boast wireless internet services, as well high definition cable TV with premium channels.
    Most Key West resort hotels have multiple dining facilities to choose from, casual to elegant, continental to waterfront and most accommodate families with children.
    The larger hotel, Key West properties also welcome families with children. Water sports, Parasailing, Jet Ski’s and kid friendly activities.

   Key West also includes many discount hotels and national hotel motel facilities that cater to family travelers as well as budget minded families. These Key West properties feature the standard amenities that you would expect to find in a national chain hotel and many are located just steps from downtown Key West's famous Duval Street. Here you will find Florida Keys and Key West attractions like The Hemingway House, The Key West Aquarium, The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum plus local theaters, exhibits and numerous other Key West attractions.
    Key West guest houses are extremely popular and plentiful in Key West. Many are authentic antique style "Conch" houses that have been lovingly restored into charming Key West guest accommodations. Tropical suites with kitchens can be found in these Key West guest houses. Some even feature family guest cottages complete with pools. <br><br>Additionally, Key West welcomes it's travel visitors with inns and bed and breakfast accommodations. Here the Key West locals open their doors to share local cooking and traditional "Conch" style living.
    Key West private homes, available for families to rent on a monthly basis, are nestled in amongst charming restaurants, bistros, bakeries and coffee shops. Many Key West restuarants feature local Cuban cuisine as well as other ethnic dishes. Key West caters to every taste in food, from fine, Florida Keys dining to casual off the sidewalk restaurants. Great for kids! Many are open air and celebrate pet lovers as well as the free range local chickens and roosters that walk the streets and lanes of Key West!
    Several largeKey West hotels surround the waterfront sunset celebration area and you can enjoy all the sights and sounds right from your balcony or terrace. Here sailboat cruises take tourists on sunset sails with complimentary drinks and food. The pirate cruise is fantastic for families with children! On land, Key West street performers of all types entertain the large nightly Key West crowds with feats of juggling, fire eating, tight rope walking, and unique magic and animal acts.
    Be sure to watch the travel video about the Key West Chamber of Commerce and the many other videos inside KeysTV for more tourist and vacation information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even driving maps as well.<br><br>Be sure to watch the travel video about the Key West Chamber of Commerce and the many other info videos for more tourist and vacation guide information! Also, print the many discounts found on coupons associated with each video. And to make getting there easy, there are even free driving maps as well.

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